Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Dies First In The Godfather Follows Gambling Question

Who Dies First In The Godfather Follows Gambling Question

The Million Dollar Money Drop has become a popular show for those interested in seeing if other people can catch lightning in a bottle and win a million dollars. In order to do so, the couple participating Tuesday evening had to answer a series of questions.

The questions of the night have been floating around the Internet as of late Tuesday, and the attention was focused on one particular question. Who dies first in the Godfather. It is a question that had many debating before the answer was revealed. The answer, of course, was James Caan, who played Santino "Sonny" Corleone.

That question was the third of the night, but it was the first question of the evening that had gamblers jumping out of their chairs at home and screaming at the television. The category was gambling, and the question was, Statistically, what is the most likely number to be rolled in craps?

For bettors who play the game of craps on a regular basis, the answer came easily. One of the keys to playing craps or any other casino game is to understand the statistics and probabilities of certain things happening during the game. The answers that could have been chosen were four, seven, ten, or twelve.

The couple playing the game was relieved to see the answer was ten, and they netted themselves $90,000 moving into the next question. Shortly after the Godfather question, What was the most purchased item on Amazon in 2009 popped up. The answer to this question was the Kindle Ebook reader.

Gamblers have taken a liking to Million Dollar Money Drop, with the risk involved in answering each question, it is much like placing a bet at a casino table. The only difference is the contestants are not risking their own money. The couple that played on Tuesday, Casey and Kyle, walked away with $80,000 for their efforts.

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